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West Chester Ultimate #36

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@twentyonepilots put on the greatest shows time and time again. Sat in line all day for my spot and would do it again in a heart beat. 💙❤️

If only it were that easy ha

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Anonymous Asked: Are you a little heartbroken?😕


I think I just might be… 

Me and my sister at chuck e cheese for her birthday. My present choices were obvious. She loves west Chester and I love it. 💛💜 #FamilyFirst #WCU

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Anonymous Asked: You make me sick. You are a horrible person. One nice thing can go far for someone. You should try it.


I do nice things all the time. You’re probably just not deserving of them.

Anonymous Asked: What's a girl gotta do to get ur attention?


Legit just hmu

Anonymous Asked: Anyone you wish you could be with right now?


Plenty of people


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Anonymous Asked: How's your day going?


Every day is lovely

Anonymous Asked: Do you believe you messed up in some way recently?


I’m sure I have. It happens.

Anonymous Asked: How's it going back at school?


Weird but amazing

Anonymous Asked: Hey there!



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